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Naughty Molly’s Suitable Schoolgirl Punishment


Schoolgirl spanking

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Molly had not obeyed her Master Michael, and needed punishment.

She had been given a writing assignment, but naughty submissive Molly hadn’t completed it. She begged him to waive the punishment for this failure to complete his command, but Michael was undecided as to how to go forward. He posted a message to his Twitter account, asking his followers for suggestions on how to punish His naughty submissive. My punishment plan for Molly is loosely based on an experience I had, with a few things thrown in that I would love to do to that delicious little body of hers.

Molly will need to be dressed appropriately. For me, a short schoolgirl skirt with no panties would be ideal, although completely nude is also a viable option. At the very least, she needs to have a bare ass to fully ‘enjoy’ it. (In order for the punishment to take full effect, access to the skin of her backside is needed.) She will prepare the area for her punishment. She’ll set a place at the table where she will complete her writing assignment – by hand, of course. Molly will bring an appropriate chair to sit on – one with a firm seat such as a wooden stool or hard dining room chair. This isn’t the time where comfy office chairs are appropriate. Finally, she’ll bring the vampire paddle, and her Master’s chosen smacking implement to Him (crop, paddle, flogger, etc.). Me? I’d prefer a bare hand.

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Ruby Goodnight Pussy Pride Fanny

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When Molly from MollysDailyKiss asked Mrs Goodnight and I to take part in her ongoing Pussy Pride Project, I must admit I was slightly hesitant at first. I was aware of the project even before Molly and I started on our path to friendship (as I had been a tad of a blog-stalker for a while) and had toyed with the idea before. Unlike a lot of the women who have posted, I am still in the phase of growing comfortable with my own pussy.

I’ve never been the type to shout about my body from the rooftops, but I feel it’s now time to take a step forward and start being much more positive about my pussy. Mrs Goodnight and I have done this blog post in two parts – one part being me discussing my own pussy, as well as hers. Then Mrs Goodnight takes over and discusses her own lady parts, and her take on mine.



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Is The Perfect Submissive A Masochist?

Evil Sticks

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Something happened while I was at Erotic Meet last weekend. I wouldn’t call it an event, or even a moment. it was an interaction that brought forward a question that has been playing in my mind – for really the better part of a decade and a half. A shadow that’s always lurked in the back of my head that makes me question my own desires and how I label myself.

Let me explain.

I standing outside with a group of ladies (most of who I know identify as submissive), as well as a single male dominant, getting some air and socializing. We were discussing a new toy that had been brought to the party. I’m not sure of it’s real name, but I call it a ‘vampire paddle’ – a paddle with small spikes attached, like those on a vampire glove. In a previous week, one of the submissive in the group had shown it’s power with her Sinful Sunday post (a warning if you click the link – it is bloody). In addition, the Dom had brought along His own toy, an ‘evil stick’ – a single bendable filament attached to a small handle.

I did handle the toys myself – appreciating the thuddy weight of the paddle’s flat side, and the construction of the spikes on the other. Taking the evil stick and flexing it between my fingers, admiring the simple construction. I had felt the bite of these types of evil sticks before, as a gentleman who used to run munches I regularly attended in the States makes them and sells them online. I was happy enough with that interaction, and handed them back to the Dom after my once-over.

This is where I feel like I was ‘different’.

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The lovely Mrs Goodnight (as my wife has now started to be known) takes a larger role in this week’s Sinful Sunday post. Although, the foot fetishists may be more interested in my pre-orgasmic foot-curl.

Sinful Sunday Rude Britannia

For those who are new to Sinful Sunday, this week’s entry is for Miss Molly’s Rude Britannia contest, which is a British-themed collection of naughty photos in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee. If you would like to take part in Sinful Sunday, please click the image below. Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #SinfulSunday to read the action on Twitter.

Sinful Sunday

UPDATE: This photo has won second place in the Rude Britannia competition! Mrs Goodnight and I are thrilled, and can’t wait to get our prizes. We’ve won the Ulimate xxxtra G Jessica Rabbit from and a deliciously beautiful pin broach made especially for the competition by Venus Flytrap Jewels. Thank you to the Sinful Sunday judges and we can’t wait to see what images we come up with next!

Click below to see all the winners. 

Corsets and Candy Winner