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Help Find This ToyAlright sex toy experts – Mrs Goodnight and I need your help! With all the sex toys we have, through our own purchases and freebies for reviews, we always have a set of five or so that we return to as our “standard” toys. One of them – this set of Cal Exotic vibrating balls – has been on our go-to list for years.

Unfortunately, it’s nearing the end of its life with the oh-so-frequent issue of cord breakdown.

The problem is – we have no idea what this toy is called or where to get a new one. Yes, I know vibrating balls are a dime a dozen, and almost every sex toy manufacturer has their own versions. But, we’re pulling a Veruca Salt with a whiny “but we want THIS one!” We’ve looked online in general sex toy sites as well as the Cal Exotic site itself, and not found it. It could very well be discontinued as Mrs bought it from a random US-based sex toy website in mid-2006.

In the event that this particular toy has been discontinued, we’d be open to ideas for a good replacement. We don’t use these balls internally, just for clitoral stimulation  We like the cord length on this toy – just around 2 feet from the remote to the first ball, and around 6 inches between balls. We use this toy mostly for simultaneous, hands-free clit stim during tribadism.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the sex toy world – do you know what this set of vibrating balls is called, and if I can get an exact replacement? If not, do you have a suggestion for a new toy that’s close to this one? My wife and I appreciate your efforts!

UPDATE! We now know what this little delight is called! Thanks to the folks at Cal Exotic to giving me the info we need. Now…to hunt it down.

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The relationship between sex toy companies and bloggers can be a strained one at times. The companies want to make the most on their investment, be it time, money, or a bit of both. Bloggers want to be respected for their craft and receive a valuable return for their work. Sometimes companies, such as, hold contests for the blogging community to get involved in. Ordinarily, this is a two way street. Bloggers get exposure to potential new readers, the ability to win prizes, and even the ego boost associated with winning a popularity contest. Sex toy companies get incoming traffic from bloggers promoting the contest and making connections with bloggers in their community. Both sides realize that blog posts have value, and both want to capitalize on this value.
Blogger contestsSometimes this can go wrong – contests, as well as relationships.

Back in March when this particular contest began, there was a bit of an earthquake going on in the part of the twitterverse I live in. Things were being said about this contest that didn’t seem right, that the ‘balance’ that was originally set forward between what the company got and what the blogger got seemed off center. The issues seemed to have calmed down in the following weeks, only to rise up again once the contest came to an end. So much rumor and innuendo and third hand tweeting were going on, I personally didn’t know what end was up. It even appeared at one point that actual laws were being broken, based on the content of some tweets. Given that I had previously discussed the relationships between bloggers and sex toy companies in a past post, this was something I wanted to get to the bottom of.

So, I went to the source, right to, and asked my own questions. You may be surprised at the answers, you may not. My hope with providing these answers is for bloggers to better understand what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at sex toy companies during contests like this, and to make better decisions when choosing which companies they will form relationships with and which contests to enter. Keep going…I want more…

get paid to write

The issue of payment for writing services has once again come up in my twitterverse. This blog post was spawned off by two comments, one from a higher up at a rather large sex toy company, and another from a well known blogger in the sex toy world. Both comments, to me, were prefect examples of writers being taken advantage of when it comes to being paid for their work. While I’m not going to name and shame at this point, suffice to say these are two quite ‘influential’ individuals in the sex toy world who really should have known better.

So when it is appropriate to write content for free? First, let’s define was free isn’t. To me, receiving anything that I would value in return for my work is a form of payment, and therefore isn’t free. Obviously, money is the most common form of payment. But what when it’s not as straight forward as a cash exchange? What if you’re getting ‘something else’ and don’t want to be taken advantage of?

Keep going…I want more…