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Strapless Strapon ReviewI’ve got to be completely honest and say that this was the most complicated review I’ve ever done. So much so that rather than piling my whole experience into an insanely long winded 3k word post, I’m splitting it up. To say I had issues with the toy, the company, and the whole experience is an understatement. The problem? I feel like I had to separate the overall experience (which really has a primary target reader of sex bloggers) from the actual toy review. So, here’s the second part of my In Joy Us Strapless Strapon review, with those little niggley problems that may not belong in a product review.

InJoyUs popped up on my radar a few months ago when I saw them on Twitter. They’re a new company who is very passionate about their self designed strapless strap-on system. When I checked out their twitter account and looked at their web site, the images made me think that they were targeting the heterosexual male who enjoys pegging, as all the women wearing the toy were large breasted overly feminine models who reminded me of the porn model images I work with on a daily basis. This disappointed me, as I always figured a strap on system’s target market would be lesbians as a primary, but it didn’t seem like that was the idea. Thinking this toy wasn’t for us I moved on mentally until a few weeks later when I saw they were looking for lesbian couples to test out their toys. This made me quite happy, and I was hoping I could put a lesbian spin on their products. After chatting it over with the Mrs, I decided to get in touch and see what the InJoyUs could do for us.

There were two major issues with my review experience.

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