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I’ll start off this post by saying that Amazon is not the best place to get sex toys. I would much prefer it if you found yourself a retailer who you can build a relationship with, that does outreach programs, teaches sex educations classes – a company that gives you more than a sex toy. I don’t buy my sex toys on Amazon. Check out Doxy’s retailers – those are the kind of shops you want to get to know, and who I use.

But I know Amazon is someplace that people go to buy pleasure products. Amazon gift cards exist. Their wish lists are easy to use. As my Twitter friend Ian put it, “The best place to buy food is a decent specialist grocer or butcher. But sometimes you grab a burger.” There can be a lot of scare mongering when it comes to buying sex toys on Amazon. Some of it comes from lack of knowledge about how Amazon works. My hope is to take some of the most heard issues when it comes to Amazon sex toy sales, and do a bit of education myself.

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Strapless Strapon ReviewI’ve got to be completely honest and say that this was the most complicated review I’ve ever done. So much so that rather than piling my whole experience into an insanely long winded 3k word post, I’m splitting it up. To say I had issues with the toy, the company, and the whole experience is an understatement. The problem? I feel like I had to separate the overall experience (which really has a primary target reader of sex bloggers) from the actual toy review. So, here’s the second part of my In Joy Us Strapless Strapon review, with those little niggley problems that may not belong in a product review.

InJoyUs popped up on my radar a few months ago when I saw them on Twitter. They’re a new company who is very passionate about their self designed strapless strap-on system. When I checked out their twitter account and looked at their web site, the images made me think that they were targeting the heterosexual male who enjoys pegging, as all the women wearing the toy were large breasted overly feminine models who reminded me of the porn model images I work with on a daily basis. This disappointed me, as I always figured a strap on system’s target market would be lesbians as a primary, but it didn’t seem like that was the idea. Thinking this toy wasn’t for us I moved on mentally until a few weeks later when I saw they were looking for lesbian couples to test out their toys. This made me quite happy, and I was hoping I could put a lesbian spin on their products. After chatting it over with the Mrs, I decided to get in touch and see what the InJoyUs could do for us.

There were two major issues with my review experience.

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Help Find This ToyAlright sex toy experts – Mrs Goodnight and I need your help! With all the sex toys we have, through our own purchases and freebies for reviews, we always have a set of five or so that we return to as our “standard” toys. One of them – this set of Cal Exotic vibrating balls – has been on our go-to list for years.

Unfortunately, it’s nearing the end of its life with the oh-so-frequent issue of cord breakdown.

The problem is – we have no idea what this toy is called or where to get a new one. Yes, I know vibrating balls are a dime a dozen, and almost every sex toy manufacturer has their own versions. But, we’re pulling a Veruca Salt with a whiny “but we want THIS one!” We’ve looked online in general sex toy sites as well as the Cal Exotic site itself, and not found it. It could very well be discontinued as Mrs bought it from a random US-based sex toy website in mid-2006.

In the event that this particular toy has been discontinued, we’d be open to ideas for a good replacement. We don’t use these balls internally, just for clitoral stimulation  We like the cord length on this toy – just around 2 feet from the remote to the first ball, and around 6 inches between balls. We use this toy mostly for simultaneous, hands-free clit stim during tribadism.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the sex toy world – do you know what this set of vibrating balls is called, and if I can get an exact replacement? If not, do you have a suggestion for a new toy that’s close to this one? My wife and I appreciate your efforts!

UPDATE! We now know what this little delight is called! Thanks to the folks at Cal Exotic to giving me the info we need. Now…to hunt it down.

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