“Suspenders as well, or just stockings?”

“Stockings are good. Don’t worry about underwear.”

“Dress? Bra? Shoes?”

“Stick with the skirt. Black bra & high shoes.”

My instructions came through a series of text, with my head still somewhat cloudy from the previous night – and the previous weekend’s events. She wasn’t satisfied with what we had done the night before, and wanted to push me further.

“An hour until I can feel how wet you are.”

Ruby Goodnight

Her words kept me on my toes all day long. My over-preparing mind started going into gear. Pull out the thigh highs you didn’t wear this weekend. Dig out that garter belt from the back of the suitcase. Which skirt? Something short that she won’t need to move that much. I only wore that cream colored one for a short time this weekend. Maybe that will work? Her toys are cleaned and ready. Is everything there it should be?

My cunt ached looking at the items she didn’t use last night, but I wished she had. The clover clamps. The purple Tantus. Her new Rodeohs. The ankle cuffs. There was the new flogger that was sat there as well. I knew for sure that she wasn’t going to use that any time soon. She needed to get used to it first, before my flesh was its target. That didn’t make it any harder to look at.

She walked through the door while I was in the kitchen finishing dinner. Toddler announced her arrival with his excited “Mummum is hooooome!” I had to be Mommy for a few more hours until it was time for bed. The usual ‘home from work pecks’ were slow and deliberate kisses this time. Her tongue touched my lip in such a way that I knew exactly what she meant by it. Her eyes didn’t hide a thing. If toddler wasn’t there, I’d already be strung up in bed with a fake cock halfway down my throat. But he was. So I waited.

When it was bed time – for everyone in the house – I made my way to the bathroom to get ready. Toenail polish looked fine – no need for touchups there. The never-worn stockings slipped up my legs with that familiar ‘mesh against skin’ sound that you only hear at times like this. Clasp one, clasp two, clasp three, clasp four, and buckle. The garter belt didn’t quite match the bra, but these are only the type of inconsistencies that matter in my own mind. Slipped into the black bra and pleated cream skirt. Deep breath. Turn the door knob. Walk out.

She was sat in the living room, still in her work trousers and button up shirt, muttering something under her breath about the football. She must have seen me out of the corner of her eyes because the tv was clicked off before I even made a sound. I walked into our bedroom and waited for her to follow.

It always starts with a kiss. She looked at me with her ‘you’re going to fucking feel it tonight’ eyes and grabbed a handful of my hair, squeezing her hand so I had to tilt my head back. Her teeth found their favorite fleshy spot on my shoulder and bit down hard. I cried out, less in pain than a thankful moan of my submission to her. She lowered me back, beginning the slow tease that’s her favorite technique.

Nipple pulls and pinches through the lace of my bra – it was the way she knew that I’d start wriggling my hips. She pushed them down in an unspoken message to stop. I couldn’t, but I had to. Once again this time she pushed down, sliding her hand up my skirt, slapping my naked pussy. That cry out was in pain, unlike the ones before that were sounds I knew turned her on. She kept her hand there, one deft finger just pressing against my throbbing clit. Insignificant little twitches of her finger brought me closer and closer to cumming. I wondered to myself if she was even moving, but trying to keep from cumming needed all the concentration I could gather.

“On your knees.”

I moved to my laying down position to upright on my hands and knees. She rose from the bed, stripped out of her work suit and picked up the Rodeoh’s I had laid out for her earlier in the day. The hard pack was nearby. She stood in front of me, her hard boner showing off through her red flecks of hair. She didn’t need to tell me anymore, and I was soon wrapping my lips around her stiff clit, tracing its length with my tongue and sucking against the hard tip. She grabbed two handfuls of my hair, grasping tight while she swore obscenities through clenched teeth.

She inserted the pack through her harness right in front of my face, knowing what this does to me. I wanted to keep going – to suck her off into orgasm, but she wasn’t done yet. Instinct took over, and I crawled closer to her, immediately swallowing down the purple silicone phallus at my eye level. She moaned hard as I pressed the base up against her – as she watched me take every inch of her cock into my throat.

Be a good little slut. No coughing. No gagging. Take it all.

I gasped for air when it was taken out, but wanted it back in more than anything. Back down it went, her fists of my hair guiding me through every inch.

“Turn around.”

Face down, ass up, skirt over my hips. Be a good little slut.

There was no warmup. No waiting. No lube. Just six inches of silicone cock ripping into my pussy, bringing a single scream from my throat as it did. She smacked my ass because of the outburst, but didn’t stop fucking me. First tip to sack, pulling out and ramming it back in each time, then slowing down to a more routine pace, then gentle movements she knows hits my spot. She climbed back onto the bed, bent over my back and grabbed a handful of my hair while wrapping her other arm around my hips.

“Cum for me.”

I felt her hand grab onto my clit, rock hard and swollen from the hour’s events. She smacked it hard, almost sending it over the edge right then and there. Pressing it between her two fingers, she flicked back and forth, my hips buckling against her cock. My moans grew louder, deeper, longer. She knew what was coming, but made sure I was going to do it right.

“May I cum please, Ma’am?”

“Yes. Now it’s time.”

If I wasn’t already on the mattress, I would have collapsed onto it. I removed that block from my mind that kept me from cumming and let it flow over me. I felt myself squirting onto her hand, and knew that this was one of those orgasms that would last until I made it stop. I bit into the pillow, screamed into it louder, knowing I’d have to stop this orgasm soon or I’d fall into that part of my submission I’m not quite ready for…yet.

I did, and she kissed me. It always ends with a kiss.

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