She was about as innocent as they come. Fresh faced 19 year old English girl in the US for the very first time. Hell, out of her parents’ home for the very first time. Unspoiled by anything adult – ever. She was the ultimate virgin, untouched, unaware, unspoiled by anyone’s hands or minds. She was also painfully in the closet. Not just hiding her own sexuality from others – she was hiding it from herself. She later told me she came out to her parents once, and when they told her she was wrong, she went back in even further. She was delicious looking, to me, although she didn’t quite know how much she turned me on with her butchy demeanor, quick whit, English accent and the way she held a cigarette.

I…how can I say this tastefully…wasn’t so innocent. Four years living in dorm rooms with other women, four years of being a professional submissive a few nights a week, very much aware of my sexuality and what I wanted in life. I had no issues with fucking anyone I worked with, and did it quite regularly. It was summertime, and my usual D/s fixes were done for the time being, as I had stepped down from performing, going to munches, swinging, parties and all that style of life to my routine summer job as a lifeguard. I’d not been with another woman steadily for some time, just a few one nighters and extended weekends here and there. To say I was hungry for pussy would be an understatement, and at this particular workplace, it was a virtual all-you-could-oogle buffet.

This is where our worlds met – at a residential summer camp for girls back in America. She had joined a program importing foreign camp counselors and she happened to land at the camp I had been working at for years. For four months we would be working and living together. I’ll be honest, it took a few weeks for me to discover how much I was attracted to her. It’s not that I “grew” to be attracted, I just didn’t have much interaction with her until around July.

July 25th, to be exact.

I’d been pursuing her for a while – flirting here and there, sending her messages through the snail-mail system at work, dropping hints to her friends. But her, as sweet and innocent as she was, was absolutely clueless. She’d never flirted, so she didn’t know what it was like when someone was flirting with her. I deliberately bent over in my red lifeguard bikini, not getting the standard reaction I had got from others who were attracted to me. My usual style was to gently coax the other party into starting the pursuit, and that tended to work, but not for someone as inexperienced as her. This time, I had to go after her myself.

We had been spending the evenings together – walking the camp grounds, chatting and getting to know each other, returning to our own cabins when it was getting to the point where a few hours of sleep were required. I had tried to kiss her on a few occasions, always either with her unconsciously avoiding it, other times being interrupted. This night, her cabin-mates were out, so I walked her in. Sitting down on her bed, I started tracing my fingers against her hand, up her arm, and down again. Nothing overtly sexual, but the type of action that anyone with any sort of romantic experiences know what the meaning is. She turned her head to me, and I kissed her.

Slow, deliberate, sensual kiss. Nothing too hungry, but so much more than a peck on the lips. If someone had kissed me like this, I’d know exactly what they wanted and how it would end. I’d probably end up tied up getting fucked from behind, or on my knees in a flash getting my hair pulled while sucking cock within a few hours. For her, there would be some explanation necessary. So sweet, so innocent, so deliberate. But that’s as far as it went that night, as much as I wanted to rip off her white polo shirt and green athletic shorts to give her the first orgasm she’s ever have, that would have to wait.

She started to blush when she’d see me at work after this point. Because we were around children, our flirtations were kept to after hours. That’s not to say I didn’t steal a few kisses in the walk in freezer in the kitchen, or under the stars when I was asked to deliver a message to her campground. The management disapproved of our building relationship, but we successfully avoided any actual condemnation for the remainder of the summer. Stealing those innocent kisses here and there, with her always blushing and bashful, and me always wanting to push her that much further. Fucking my workplace colleague would take some time, but I was ready for the challenge.

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