Schoolgirl spanking

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Molly had not obeyed her Master Michael, and needed punishment.

She had been given a writing assignment, but naughty submissive Molly hadn’t completed it. She begged him to waive the punishment for this failure to complete his command, but Michael was undecided as to how to go forward. He posted a message to his Twitter account, asking his followers for suggestions on how to punish His naughty submissive. My punishment plan for Molly is loosely based on an experience I had, with a few things thrown in that I would love to do to that delicious little body of hers.

Molly will need to be dressed appropriately. For me, a short schoolgirl skirt with no panties would be ideal, although completely nude is also a viable option. At the very least, she needs to have a bare ass to fully ‘enjoy’ it. (In order for the punishment to take full effect, access to the skin of her backside is needed.) She will prepare the area for her punishment. She’ll set a place at the table where she will complete her writing assignment – by hand, of course. Molly will bring an appropriate chair to sit on – one with a firm seat such as a wooden stool or hard dining room chair. This isn’t the time where comfy office chairs are appropriate. Finally, she’ll bring the vampire paddle, and her Master’s chosen smacking implement to Him (crop, paddle, flogger, etc.). Me? I’d prefer a bare hand.

The vampire paddle will be placed, spike side up, onto the seat of the chair. Molly will then sit on the paddle while working on the make-up assignment. At predetermined intervals (either after X number of sentences, or X number of minutes), she will get up from her seat and take her writing to Michael to assess. Any mistakes, errors, or the slightest imperfection in the piece warrants a smack on the ass. She’ll then return to her seat, sit back down, and continue. This will go on until the writing assignment is completed to her Master’s satisfaction.

I would imagine by the time that Molly is done, her back side would be quite sore – from the initial sitting on the spiked vampire glove, from the smacks that her Master gives her when mistakes are made, and the combination of that smacked flesh against the needle-like spikes of the vampire glove. If only I were there – I’d lick that naughty pussy while she was sat at the table, making her squirm against the vampire paddle and causing a few more pricks and bruises.

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