Dear Screaming O,

My name is Ruby Goodnight. Or at least that’s the name that I chose for myself as I started navigating through the sex industry. The name my parents gave me isn’t all too hard to find, especially if you’ve ever received a package from me, or paid me, or just asked. Luckily, my choice to remain semi-anon isn’t due to any life-changing circumstances. But, others I know it is.

In your email to Ricci, you made the claim that “The workshop was recorded with the full knowledge of all participants and without objection”. I was one of those people participating in the session, I was not aware that I was being recorded, with the plan to upload it to YouTube, link it in various press releases, and to be part of a Screaming O press campaign.

I was sat next to some guy who was checking out a camera on a tripod. I had no idea who he was – I just assumed that it was a Woodhull volunteer that was recording the panel for their own PR work. I was never made aware that he was employed by Screaming O. I was never made aware that this recording was for Screaming O’s purposes. I was never made aware that this video was recording the entire session, not just the panel’s initial presentation. I was never made aware that this video was going to be uploaded to YouTube and linked to in all those press releases you sent out. There were no signs noting the recording was taking place, per the policy that Woodhull required you to follow. Apparently, your own PR person who was on the panel was in the dark as well. 

I didn’t have full knowledge, which lead me to be unable to object to it. I did not consent to my participation in this panel being used for Screaming O purposes.

So where does this leave me? Thankfully, by bosses are aware of the PR mess you’ve gotten yourselves into, so I don’t have to explain why my voice has ended up on another company’s release. My family knows what I do – well, the immediate ones do. I haven’t told the devout Roman Catholics and Muslim family members the ins and outs of my income streams. My spouse just shakes their head at how this situation has played out.

You see, my voice on the tape is kind of different. I’ve got this weird mish-mash of American and British accent from living abroad. I’ve also written my own blog post about that disaster of a panel, so it wouldn’t be too hard for someone to connect my words (and my working name) to my actual voice. This could eventually lead to some awkward situations for me. Maybe something more detrimental like me losing my payment processing methods or my banking at less-than-adult-favorable places. But in the end, that’s not that important.

Unlike other folks. They could lose their kids, their jobs, their connections with their family, their immediate bodily safety – it’s happened before, and you’re making it much easier for it to happen again.

You fucked up. Big time. And that’s not even taking into account the complete ridiculousness of the panel itself, and the fact that it was neglected to mention that you paid for the expenses of two of the three panel members, and until recently, employed the third.

Stop doubling down and pushing back. Don’t upload any video – including a ‘highlights’ reel. Apologize. Step back. Regroup. Lay low. And maybe, months from now, take your next step in trying to sort out his disaster unfolding in front of your company.

Thanks for reading,

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