You may or may have not noticed that I dropped off the face of the Earth earlier last week. I’ve had quite an adventure that’s lead me to today’s Sinful Sunday post.

Tuesday last, I came down with sudden stomach and chest cramping. I had a spell like this a year before, and was admitted to the hospital with possible gall bladder issues. Tests were done, nothing was discovered, and I was sent home. It happened a few more times in the last twelve months, each time me dealing with it through various methods of pain relief.

Fast forward to Tuesday when the pain was so sudden and so severe I asked Mrs Goodnight to take me to the doctors. Doctors said appendix, sent me to the hospital, where I subsequently saw five different surgeons who had five different ideas of what was up with me. Blood tests looked concerning, there was ‘free floating liquid’ in my belly, and I was quickly in too much pain to move. It was decided that I’d have an exploratory laproscopy to see what was going on, and if the appendix looked iffy, to yank it. All the while, my white blood count was through the roof, my pain was only controlled by high dose liquid morphine, and my temperature was sky high.

I was on the operating table on Thursday night, for more than two hours (whereas a typical appendix removal through laproscopy takes less than half that time). They had a look at pretty much every organ south of my heart, and decided that the appendix did look a bit suspicious. Since I had a previous history of an enlarged right ovary, they thought they’d have a gander at those as well, which meant that an incision was made on my pussy, right below my hair line.

This particular wound is healing well, although I dare not go down there with a buzzer or razor quite yet. (My ovary? Looked fine to them! )

Ruby Goodnight Pussy Scar

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