Mrs Goodnight and I are back to the shower this week. We planned on taking this super serious and sexy shoot, but it really just spilled into us making out and getting rather goofy.

Ruby Goodnight Kiss Sinful Sunday


This turned into some quite ‘dirty’ moments that we did catch on camera, but aren’t quite at the point of sharing. Yet.

Grab Boobs In The Shower

Alright, well, maybe we’ll share one shot…

Ruby Goodnight Wet

Then I had a bit of an allergy attack while showering and had a slight sneezing fit. Thanks for catching that too, Mrs Goodnight. πŸ˜‰

I’m sure you’ve got your own shower sexy times to share. Why not share them on Sinful Sunday? Click the image below to get an eyeful of all the Sinful Sunday sexiness, and follow the hashtagΒ #SinfulSundayΒ to read up on the action!

Sinful Sunday

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