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Naughty Molly’s Suitable Schoolgirl Punishment


Schoolgirl spanking

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Molly had not obeyed her Master Michael, and needed punishment.

She had been given a writing assignment, but naughty submissive Molly hadn’t completed it. She begged him to waive the punishment for this failure to complete his command, but Michael was undecided as to how to go forward. He posted a message to his Twitter account, asking his followers for suggestions on how to punish His naughty submissive. My punishment plan for Molly is loosely based on an experience I had, with a few things thrown in that I would love to do to that delicious little body of hers.

Molly will need to be dressed appropriately. For me, a short schoolgirl skirt with no panties would be ideal, although completely nude is also a viable option. At the very least, she needs to have a bare ass to fully ‘enjoy’ it. (In order for the punishment to take full effect, access to the skin of her backside is needed.) She will prepare the area for her punishment. She’ll set a place at the table where she will complete her writing assignment – by hand, of course. Molly will bring an appropriate chair to sit on – one with a firm seat such as a wooden stool or hard dining room chair. This isn’t the time where comfy office chairs are appropriate. Finally, she’ll bring the vampire paddle, and her Master’s chosen smacking implement to Him (crop, paddle, flogger, etc.). Me? I’d prefer a bare hand.

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Corsets as Self-Submission

corsets Ruby Goodnight

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I bought myself a new corset today. It was a present to myself, for accomplishing a goal I had previously set, as well as an outfit to wear to an upcoming event. While I absolutely love the way my body looks in a corset, they are beyond a fashion statement. For me, it is a form of self-submission.

I don’t have a Dom, and my other half is just starting to explore her Domme side. After being a very heavy bottom for many years, adjusting to a vanilla relationship did take some getting used to. More than eleven years later, I find myself coming full circle and once again treading lightly into the world of active D/s. For me, corsets are the heaviest form of submission I have access to at the moment.

Corsets force you to move your body in certain ways. Always upright, always proud and presenting. Corsets restrict your movements, making you adjust yourself in the way that it demands. It takes your breath away, just as a good Mistress should. When done correctly, they leave distinct red marks on your body, and make you ache when they’re gone. Although you can’t always act out while wearing one, corsets make you think, and plan, and forecast, just as I used to do when bent over a sawhorse on a stage in front of a gasping audience.

My corset tastes have changed over the years. While I used to have a steady stream of underbust corsets that left my breasts exposed, I now prefer the over-bust variety with their support. Not that I am any less proud of my breasts as I was before age, pregnancy, breast feeding and weight loss took their toll, but for that additional element of coverage – of control.

So when my parcel arrives in a matter of  days, and my partner straps me in, tied me up, and takes my breath away, I will submit. Both to her as my wife and my Domme-in-training, and to the corset itself.