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Weekend Chores – Sinful Sunday

I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only person who cleans the shower while they are in it.

Sinful Sunday
Two birds, one stone, and all that jazz.

But no, I won’t come and clean yours.

Sinful Sunday In The shower

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Temptations From Afar

In our return to Sinful Sunday this week, I’ve decided to share an image that Mrs Goodnight sent to me while I was away this weekend. While this image is quite basic, she knew exactly what she was doing with it. That soft pale skin on the underside of her breast is one of my favorite parts of her body – slightly freckled, hot from the shower, and teasingly hiding that pink nipple away from my eyes. Certainly made me think twice about hopping the train home that night.

SinfulSunday - Mrs Breast

Bring your own sinful side out this week. Click the image below to see who else is sharing, and follow the hashtag #SinfulSunday to read up on the action!

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Silly Shower Sexiness

Mrs Goodnight and I are back to the shower this week. We planned on taking this super serious and sexy shoot, but it really just spilled into us making out and getting rather goofy.

Ruby Goodnight Kiss Sinful Sunday


This turned into some quite ‘dirty’ moments that we did catch on camera, but aren’t quite at the point of sharing. Yet.

Keep going…I want more…