Thank you, sun, for staying out all weekend.

Thank you, sun, for staying out all weekend.

The end of the weekend has arrived. Even though it’s Monday, I’m coming down from the high of Eroticon2014. In the five hours it’s taken me to get home, I’m probably written this post in my mind a few times over, making sure that I balance out the seriousness of the weekend, the absolutely joy I felt being there and the unwavering gratitude I have towards a few select individuals. This will be slightly mushy in parts, as I am going through drop, but I also want to be somewhat constructive.

So why did I go to Eroticon? Why have I gone to any Eroticons? I straddle that weird world that’s not quite blogger, not quite erotica writer. Sure, I write blog posts, run blogs, but it’s not for the same reasons that a lot of other bloggers at Eroticon do. I also write long form erotica and have done for the greater part of my adult life, but as I don’t deal with publishers (well, anything at all after I hand the manuscript over to the buyer) as the majority of erotica writers do I don’t feel like I can use label as well. You’d think someone like me would wonder around in an aimless circle wondering where I fit in.

Not at Eroticon.

If you create words – any adult words – this is where you can thrive. This safe, secure, honest circle is some place you can come and connect with your peers and know that you will not be judged. You can meet your ‘idols’, like when I first met Molly Moore back at the very first Eroticon; like when I met Girl On The Net this year. You can make new friends as I have with Harper Eliot back in those early years, and Mister Gryphon this year. For me, I’ve been able to build relationships with companies – both for my own copy-writing business purposes, as well as just learning more about different parts of our community. You can grow.

I’ve also had the pleasure of teaching for the last two Eroticon events in the UK. My start in the adult writing world on a professional basis was due to successful individuals teaching me what they knew. People took the time to share both the basics as well as their secrets with me, and without them, I could still be sat in an office working in debt management with people I hated. But I’m not, and it’s partially thanks to them. Now that I’ve reached that level of success in my line of work, I only feel it right to ‘pay it forward’. I honestly want to help those of you who want to turn your ‘hobby’ into your ‘job’. Yes – I want to make my own competition, in some weird way. 😉

I hope that those of you who attended my sessions this year came away with some new information that will help you in your own adult writing lives. If not – and I say this with complete honesty – let me know. I will only grow more with your feedback, and I will listen.

So – some mush time. There are some folks I want to single out and give much deserved shout-outs to.

To Ruby Kiddell – thank you for trusting me enough to help you on this year’s journey. Your dedication to this event is amazing, and you deserved every single moment of applause that’s come your way. Thank you for allowing me to help others, as well as myself.

To Molly Moore & Michael Knight – you both know you hold a rather unique and special place in my heart. Thank you Michael for being my better half in this year’s session and allowing me to be the yin to your ‘internet methodology’ yang. Thank you Molly for being as honest as you are, even when it’s things I may not want to hear. You were (and are) someone I look up to, both professionally and as a human being.

To the We-Vibe and Belle De Soir guys – thank you for some great banter, stimulating business related conversations, and half-drunken entertainment. I’m slightly sorry I passed up the tequila shots.

To Cara Sutra – while I’m rather sure we didn’t say a word to each other this weekend outside my sessions, I do regret that. I know that we don’t get on for reasons we’re both aware of, but you being here at Eroticon reinforced to me that our form of writing is valid, and should be part of events like this. Thank you for that.

To Harper Eliot – thank you for letting me explore who you are outside the confines of a twitter timeline. You’re right – our relationship has grown on the slow and steady path, and I look forward to the next step.

To Emma Whispers and Jilly Boyd – thank you for giving me the opportunity to help others. You are both ladies I want to see successful in the commercial writing world because you both bring perspectives and talent to the table that I cannot. You know my email is an open door to you at any time.

To Mister Gryphon – you seem to have taken residence in a certain part of my mind after a rather brief period of time getting to know you. Feel free to clean up the cobwebs while you’re back there.

And finally, thank you to the friends new and old that let me be part of their lives this weekend –  Myles Jackman, Marie Rebelle and Master T, Stranded and Mrs Stranded, Lady P, ILB, Blacksilk, Lily Hasting and Play with Changes. Thank you to Girl On The Net, Anna Sansom, Pandora Blake, Mia More and Emma Dubberley, for some great conversations. Thank you all for letting me out of my strangely straddled world and be part of a community.

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