YKINMKFor a lot of folks, I have one of those ‘dream jobs’. One of the major income streams I have is watching porn and writing descriptions for the actions involved. I’ve watched and written about a number of different porn genres, some of which falls into the ‘taboo’ realm. I’ve worked on revenge porn (scripted and consensual porn flicks designed to look like the non-consensual and often illegal version), rape porn (again – scripted and consensual that looks otherwise), and prolapse porn. Your kink is not my usual kink, and it kind of intrigues me, but your kink is certainly something I’ll work with.

Then there are certain niches that I outright refuse to work on. I won’t do anything with children (even the computer generated child movies), dead bodies, animals, or consumption of blood, scat or urine. Luckily, they are ether illegal or difficult to get payment processing for, so I don’t get much demand for them. Your kink is not my kink, and your kink won’t ever appear on my invoices.

But – there is a grey area for me. Where your kink is not my kink, I’m actively turned off by your kink, but I will still work on that material. I’m not talking just a dislike for the material. I’m talking about working with these niches gives me a physical reaction that is not only unpleasant, but constantly makes me question if I’m charging enough money for my time. There are three that hit the top of that list that seem to come into my inbox on a somewhat regular basis.

Sloppy Blowjobs / Saliva Play – There is a massive demand for blow job scenes where the model performing fellatio doesn’t swallow ANYTHING. All that saliva drips out of their mouth, all over themselves and the performer. I hate this. What I hate even more is when they take it to the next level and have a collection bowl under their mouths to collect up all that drool. Then they either play with it or drink it up. I’m actually gagging right now typing up that description. Watching that action – of playing with and consuming saliva – makes me vomit. I’m not exaggerating. I was working on a set last week and had to take a shower to calm down my gag reflex after that morning’s coffee ended up at the bottom of my toilet.

Mummification / Coffins / Closed Boxes – A few of you who are close to me know I’m a massive claustrophobic. Not just small places set me off – crowds where I can’t move, airplanes, elevators, getting a tight sweater over my head, a corset that I can’t unbuckle – all of those things send me into an insta-panic. My heart races. My hands go numb. I sweat. I have to look away more often than not. Seeing a submissive contained in a crawl space under the floor is stuff that makes up my nightmares, but I’ve watched it and created written material for those webmasters. The most common version of this that I seem to get are male submissives completely mummified in tape except for their penis. From the top of their heads to the bottoms of their feet, only their cocks see the light of day. (Then the FemDom comes in and has her fun.)

Water BondageWater Bondage – I think the reaction I have to this niche is based on a few things. I’m an asthmatic, and anything involving restriction of breath already gets me anxious. I was a lifeguard and swim instructor for ten years, so that may also be part of it. You’d think this would be somewhat of a microniche, but due to the fact that companies like Kink.com have sites dedicated to this niche, I get a lot of requests. When I work on water bondage pieces, I usually get so worked up I have to step away from watching the videos and do something like make dinner or have a shower. Sometimes it triggers an asthma attack due to my anxiety.

Your kink is most certainly never going to be my kink, but your kink pays my bills. So why do I write them? Well, I’d lie if I didn’t say the money wasn’t a factor. Supply and demand of adult content writers allows me to charge more for this material. But in a way I think it’s a way to push my boundaries and test my hard limits from the safety of my computer screen. It lets me see what those taking part enjoy, opening me up to a new world of pleasure, even if I’m not the one having it. And for that, I’m thankful.

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